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Website Optimization: A Beginners Guide


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Search engine optimization has transformed one of the utmost essential means of increasing traffic to websites and delivering organic search results. The justification behind being: as websites rank upper in search results, their probabilities of receiving more traffic also surges.

Website Optimization – emphases on two chief features of your website: your webpage content and your website structure. Your web page content needs to be in sync with your products and facilities, and they need to seem applicable in searches of products and facilities that are similar to what you are proposing. The finest method to get your website to rank high in search results is to employ numerous SEO methods that are operative in carrying in results as time drives on.

Let’s discuss each one of them in detail about website optimization a beginners guide:

Website Analysis

about website analysis

The right primary stage in On-Page Optimization is Website Analysis and is also reflected as the backbone for real website optimization route. It is very significant to mark yourself sure that the website you are improving is free from any fault; this is for the sake of search engines and handlers equally. There are numerous stages in website analysis which required to be taken caution of, below shows 5 chief jobs in website analysis:

  • Website’s Blueprint:


It explains the website construction; the mode owner has certain to present his/her product or facilities on the proposal to invitees. It is constantly logical to put your product and facilities on a proposal in such a system that it is easy to discover and go over for any guest in your website. There ought to be appropriate grading of products and facilities you are proposing parse shape, mass, type etc.

  • HTML Source Code:

sample html source code

This segment describes the HTML code of a webpage like JavaScript, CSS, and other codes essential to present the information. You requisite to mark it clean and open from any faults. Every time confirm your HTML from W3 profit facility, they express you even the slightest mistake in your HTML Source code. Less the blunder less the period is taken by crawlers to transfer around your codes and extra the period they will partake to read the genuine content of your website.

  • Navigation:

header and footer sample

Top and Footer: Here you require to notice the utmost vital part of a webpage – Header and Footer, also recognized as Top Navigation and Footer links. You want to present only those links which can be valuable to visitors in their search for info and can benefit them discover what they originated for on your webpage.

  • Website Load Time:

how fast is you website

The period in which a webpage takes to entirely open on any browser. A developer needs to take caution of this dispute as they are one who is specialists in dropping the quantity of code existing on any webpage. Logical is to put long-lasting codes into CSS and attempt to create the webpage size as short as probable. Load time also depends on numerous other aspects alike – flash file, pictures, PDF, server, the quantity of content.

  • Link Test (broken link, anchor text):

site link checker

Opt Xenu broken link checker or the one your belief to form for any wrecked link inside your website. Broken link are not crawlers friendly and usually, they lean towards to reduce the rankings of those websites with more quantity of broken links and display them as 404 errors. You require to be double definite about each link you add within if it is functioning or not.

Keyword Research

keyword research

Keyword research is one such preparation used by SEO specialists to study and discover definite search expressions persons use to pass in into the search engines when showing a search. Keyword research is generally completed to aim our website using examined and applicable keywords in order to attain improved rankings from the preferred ones. You all might be awake of widespread keyword research tools, some of them are:

  1. Google AdWords Keywords Planner
  2. Word tracker
  3. SEM Rush
  4. Word stream
  5. Bing keyword research (not definite if numerous of you have heard of it, you want to sign in for it initially)

URL Structure Optimization

url structure optimization

URL structure optimization is one such procedure in which numerous thing is just a fable and do not depend on greatly upon it. It is one such method where you can express search engines and users that what all is about. You require to be cautious when working for URL optimization as it will contain search terms you have to originate out in keyword study procedure. The diagram here displays you each element of a URL and whatever it can cover.

URL Structure is all about introducing the chief targeted key phrase in your URL for a webpage, and you need to make definite that applicable words are impending up in your URL and no vigorously created string or variable which might not be that useful in webpage optimization as related to keyword rich URL.

URL Mapping

url mapping structure

URL Mapping is the modest procedure of labeling website URLs in contradiction of the search terms which you have established in the keyword research procedure. First you prerequisite is to list down all potential search terms collected all through search terms in one tab of excel sheet, and all website URLs on a former tab of the excel sheet. Next, you need to yourself pick search terms from the keywords tab and place them against the URL which best ties that specific search term. Though this procedure is manual and might take extended time for the big website, sensible is to go per URL and not the website as an entire. You need to assign search terms to their devoted webpage for improved and operative targeting.

Content Optimization

optimizing content is important

The content on your website is precise significant for the search engines as they reflect website’s relevancy and significance based on together meta tags and content in relation to the vital keywords you have targeted on that page. Furthermore, the content existing is also essential from the user point of sight as they are the ones who are observing for data when searched. There are numerous strategies you need to follow:

  1. Include keywords in writing
  2. Consider 3% density of the keywords in writing, that means 3 keywords (not exact, you can manipulate them) on every 100 words.
  3. Configuring of the text – like bold, italic, color – whatever that will catch customer attention.
  4. Frequently add related content to your site

Meta Tag Creation

creating meta tags

Meta tags are one awesome method for webmasters to express search engines what data does their webpage covers. Meta tags can be used to deliver info to all kinds of clients, and to each structure procedures only the Meta tags they recognize and ignores the rest. Particularly for title tags and description you require to keep them in character limit as well-defined by Google

Title Tags – 65 Characters, Meta Description – 160 Characters

Image Optimization

optimizing images

Google cannot read your image’s content. In its place, it will read the text in Alt attribute which labels what the image is about. Correctly optimizing images includes by means of the “Alt” attribute once adding images to your site. So select a descriptive text for your Alt. And furthermost significant, insert your image URLs to your XML sitemap.

Service/Category/Sub-pages Optimization

optimizing subpages of a website

This procedure is used for optimization of the product or facility or category pages of a website. It is fairly comparable to optimization the home page; the lone alteration is that you need to emphasis on precise key phrases rather than generic as the page will be pretty precise to product or facility on offer. When we guise at the home page they are generic and plea generic phrases to be targeted besides them for optimization. Quite reverse are the inner pages where you need to be detailed for the term used in the page for optimization procedure.

Management Team Page Optimization


Almost very alike method to inner page optimization, the one thing which needs to be done at this point is to link Google+, Blogger and other Social Media Community profile of those management team associates so as to sort them searchable in the social community as well. This stage is added of a personal profile upgrade that page optimization.

Contact Us Page Optimization

contact us page optimization

Once again, not a huge job to do. You just require to emphasis on the facts you are given that to your users in contact us page. You need to make definite that Google Map Listing is joined on this page for improved usability by users of the business mail address.

Social Media Profile Buttons

social media profile buttons

A standard method of adding social media sharing buttons on upper navigation.

It is the alone common stage which I believe most of you are at present consuming it. You just need to add or mix Social Media Sharing buttons on Top Right Side for visitors who request to attach with you on those platforms as well.

Blog Section Integration and Optimization

blog section optimization

The suggested method is to make a blog section and mark it live on the Topside of your website. The finest you can fix is to display summarized blog post in your homepage for improved crawling of your blog posts by search engines. For optimization, you are able to include auto functionality to fetch blog post title as <Title> tags and initial 2 or 3 lines of the post as <meta description> for that specific blog posts.

RSS Feed Integration

rss feed interaction

RSS means Rich Site Summary means Really Simple Syndication is a web feed arrangement that is used to broadcast or endorse regularly updated entries – such as blog post, news release. An RSS text (which is also called a “feed”, “web feed”,) comprises full or precise text, and above metadata such as broadcasting dates and writing.

RSS feeds value editors by letting them organized content habitually. A regular XML file format allows the data to be available once and watched by many dissimilar programs. They profit person who reads who want to contribute to timely updates from beloved websites or to combined feeds from many websites into one place.

Robots.txt File

robot-txt file

The Robots file, also identified as the Robots Exclusion Protocol or robots.txt protocol, is a preventive portion to tell web crawlers and additional web robots which share is existing for crawling and to avert from retrieving part of a website which is else openly viewable. Robots are frequently used by search engines to classify and record websites, or by webmasters to proofread source code. For additional info, you can visit link “”

XML Sitemap

XML sitemap-example

The XML Sitemaps is a procedure that permits a webmaster to convey search engines about URLs available on a website that are accessible for crawling. XML Sitemap is a file that lists all the URLs for a website. It permits webmasters to comprise supplementary and appropriate information relating each URL, for example – last updated on, how frequently it alters, and how significant it is in relation to former URLs in the website. This lets search engines to crawl the website more wisely.

HTML Sitemap


HTML sitemaps are aimed from user’s point of view to benefit them discover content on the page they are and don’t need to comprise each and every single subpage. This aids users and search engine bots discover chief pages on our website for crawling and analysis purpose. You can even hyperlink webpage with your targeted keywords for improved internal linking on the website.

Google Webmaster Tools

google webmaster tool example

Google Webmaster Tools offers you complete reports about your pages’ visibility on Google. First, you need to add and confirm your website in GWT to see data right away. Succeeding are profits of triumph your website added to webmaster tools by Google:

  • Get Google’s opinion of your site and diagnose hitches –

See how Google crawls and indexes your website and study about precise glitches we’re having retrieving it.

  • Discover your link and query traffic –

View, categorize and download complete data almost internal and external links to your site with new link reporting tools. Catch out which Google search queries determine traffic to your site, and grasp closely how users reach there.

  • Share data about your website –

Express us about your pages with Sitemaps: which ones are the utmost essential to you and how frequently they alter. You can furthermore let us distinguish how you would like the URLs we index to seem.

Google Analytics

google analytics example

Google Analytic allows you to calculate sales and conversions ROI and likewise offers you fresh insights of how users are consuming your website, how they reached on your website, and how you can retain them coming back by functioning on weak parts. Google Analytics is constructed on an influential, easy to usage, reporting platform, so you can choose what information you want to sight and modify your reports, with just a few clicks. Structures or areas enclosed by Google Analytics are:

  1. Real Time Visitors View
  2. Mobile Analytics
  3. Content Analytics
  4. Social Analytics
  5. Conversion Analytics
  6. Advertising Analytics

Google Local Listing

google local listing example

If you are an entrepreneur and you want that individuals can discover you over Google map, you have a wish to make your business stand out from every opponent, you need to do business listing over Google Local Places. This aids your website listing to perform on Google Local results performing in SERP’s.

Google Plus Page Integration with Local Listing

google plus page integration

Just need to generate Google plus business page and add local address over there. It will request you to confirm that business correspondence address by directing you verification PIN at the stated address. A PIN will be delivered in a week or so, once established just enter it in space provided over Google+ business page and develop your Local Listing and Business Page combined and confirmed.



So this is all about website optimization. These techniques will surely help your site to rank higher in the search engine. To know more about related SEO stuffs you can visit other pages of this website.

I hope you like this article. Please comment below for any query as your comments are crucial for us. Thank You!!


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