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SEO PowerSuite: Best Tool for My Website

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Get Your Sites Spidered and Indexed FASTER by Quickly Get Hundreds/Thousands of One Way Links


Getting multiple deep one-way links pointing to every page of your website is the fastest way to get your site spidered and indexed.

Reciprocal linking doesn’t work like it used to and it can’t get links to every page in your site – which is the key for maximum indexing.

You could use a link broker service to rent one-way links, but renting links costs a fortune and still can’t deep link every page of your site.

So, how do you get one-way links if reciprocal linking is dead renting links is just too expensive?



Most search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) value blogs more than standard websites because of the content updates more often and blogs syndicate your content via RSS Feeds making every single word available for spidering.

You need an easy, automatic, way to post content to blogs that have multiple links to your websites to take advantage of blogging. You need Seo PowerSuite.

Seo PowerSuite is the only solution for creating multiple backlinks in a single post.

Using Seo PowerSuite’s easy-to-use back linking features, you can get hundreds of backlinks to all of yours sites lightning fast which means your sites get spidered and indexed quicker.

Below screenshot is a sample post using Seo PowerSuite’s to create a post with multiple backlinks.


Notice how the post is perfectly readable and has multiple backlinks woven throughout the content.

You’ll get More Clicks on Ads because your posts will be more human-friendly and Search Engines will Spider Your Sites Faster because every page in your site will be backlinked.

Seo PowerSuite is the ultimate solution for getting hundreds, even thousands of backlinks quickly and easily.

Automatically Generate an Unlimited Number of Highly Profitable Niche Sites


If you’ve ever tried building an affiliate website that contains multiple products, you know it takes too much time.

You need to create a new page for each product you want to add to your site, then you need to add the images, descriptions, links, prices, and other related information vital to properly marketing that item.

This process can take days, if not weeks, for a simple 50-100 product site – that’s just too long.

Using Seo PowerSuite, you can build dozens of niche product blogs almost instantly using affiliate data feed files or even RSS feeds from sites like eBay.

Affiliate data feeds are simple text files that contain all of the merchant’s products, images, descriptions, order links, etc. in a spreadsheet-like a format which you can use to build profitable online catalogs. These data feeds are offered free sites like Commission Junction or

Combine text snippets, other RSS feeds, articles, and even search results to your post to create truly unique content – exactly what the search engines love!

As you can see, the below screenshot from a blog uses a snippet plus a product listing to match the quality of an online catalog – you’ll have eager shoppers buying your products in no time!


You can build a complete self-updating affiliate site in minutes – not days. Think about how many money-making sites you could build in a day or even a week!

There are absolutely no limits to the number of affiliate sites you’ll be able to create using Seo PowerSuite and Free data feed files or RSS feeds from sites like eBay.

Create Hundreds, Even Thousands, Of AdSense Blogs Targeting High Paying Niches

blogs with high paying niche

The real secret to ‘making an AdSense Fortune‘ is having A LOT of blogs (with AdSense on them) that cover a wide variety of ‘high-paying niches’.

With Seo PowerSuite, building your AdSense Empire is easy!

Simply copy your AdSense code into the Post settings box in Seo PowerSuite and your AdSense shows on every post – you don’t have to edit your templates!

You can post RSS News feeds, Affiliate data feeds, Search Results, Articles, anything you want – keyword-based content is easy!

Think about how many blogs you can generating a Monster amount of AdSense income for you – hundreds – even thousands! All on autopilot – building your business automatically.

You’ll be able to target hundreds, even thousands of high-paying niches quickly and easily and send your AdSense profits soaring.

Take your AdSense blogs another step further and combine in your affiliate data feeds and you have the ultimate money-making site!

Every piece of content is optimized to make you money!

Create Unique (and profitable) Content Sites Automatically

unique content

Posting Articles, Affiliate Data feeds, And Snippets, etc., is great – but being able to automatically change content is Fantastic! Here’s why…

You could actually change the keywords (or other content) in the Article, Affiliate Data feeds, And Snippets, etc. to links to your websites or even affiliate links!

Now your content is just content anymore – it’s a money-making machine!

PLR (private label rights) Articles now become (Profit like Royalty) Articles with the ability to add your own tokens in the articles and replace them with affiliate links!

You’ll be amazed at how easy this is! Add the word/token you want to be replaced, then the content you want to replace it with and you’re done! You just turned content into dollars!

Plus, you’ll be able to customize your PLR Articles and change the content automatically to help avoid duplicate content filters.

Seo PowerSuite comes with a built-in tool for automatically replacing content in your snippets, articles and data feed – it’s called the Data File Tokens.

The above screenshot shows the powerful built-in tokenizer that gives you the power and flexibility to automatically change any content you want.

Remember, you’re not limited to using affiliate links, you can automatically insert entire paragraphs, other links, words, sentences. You can use anything you want including HTML!

Adding new content to your blog day after day becomes a real chore over time. But without new daily content, your readership drops and so does your cash-flow. Keep Readers Coming Back to Your Personal Blogs (and clicking ads $$$) By Adding New Content Automatically

You need to add content constantly to maintain your income.

Here’s an easy way to add new content to your blog.

  • Create a couple of new categories, News, Articles, and even Products. Then using Seo PowerSuite you can automatically post content to each of those categories using RSS Feeds, stored Articles and Affiliate Data feeds.
  • It’s really that simple! You can even create personalized Snippets (short blocks of text) to include above each type of content to make sure your personal “voice” shows through.
  • Think about the power of being able to automatically add related content to your blog every single day.
  • Your readership will grow and so will your income! You’ll no longer struggle to have to think of new content every day – let Seo PowerSuite help you grow your blog automatically.
  • You can even use Seo PowerSuite to store manually posts, save them, and post them on a schedule of your choosing. This is a great feature if you’re traveling or don’t want to visit your blog each day to post.

Save More Time by Managing Dozens, Even Hundreds of Blogs in a Single Project

merging blog at one place

If you own one of the older, outdated scripts from last year, you know this problem all too well – you can only manage one blog per project.

Imagine having ten, twenty, or one hundred or more blogs and needing to update a simple setting like the RSS feed you are pulling. Using the “last years” tool is a painful process that can take hours of your valuable time.

You can’t be burdened with that style of project management.

Seo PowerSuite saves you time by allowing you to manage twenty, fifty, one hundred or more blogs in a single project. You can even copy items like keywords lists, articles, data feeds, and RSS or Search results settings from one project to another effortlessly.

The below screenshot shows how easy it is to manage multiple blogs in a single project. All you do is add the blog’s URL, the username, and the password and you’re done – simple!

Prevent Your Web Host from Shutting Down Your Sites

Web Host Shutting Down Your Sites

Of all the reasons you should get Seo PowerSuite over any other solution is this one. It’s a widespread and well-known problem that other blog tools get your site banned from popular web hosting companies.

This isn’t some made up a stunt to try and scare you. It’s a documented issue that web hosts have shut down websites and banned specific RSS tools from running on their servers.

If you want to make sure you don’t lose your web hosting account, you need a solution that is highly optimized and the database is driven, use Seo PowerSuite.

An added benefit of using a database is that you can store tons more content than with other tools which may limit you to 1,024 characters of data.

Seo PowerSuite Features

seo powersuit features

“This is the must-have tool for the professional blogger”

Well, what can I say after months of beta testing and development you have created a tool that “blows away” anything that has ever and I mean ever been created before for Blogging.

I would be quite happy if this tool was priced at a point that was high enough to deter the amateur bloggers as this tool is dangerous in the wrong hands. Looking at the manual the first time was also a little scary as the wealth of functionalities this tool offered in terms of blogging and blog management just blew me away!

Just the sheer uniqueness of this tool ensures that duplicate content is history. This ability to create unique content across multiple blogs combined with the flexible linking and content structures are amazing. My head is still spinning about what I could do with data feeds or any other types of structured information.

Questions which Might be arising in your Mind  

question and answers

Question #1

What are the requirements for installing Seo PowerSuite?

Seo PowerSuite is a web-based application that requires a Linux web server with PHP4.3+ and MySQL installed. You also need the ability to configure CRON jobs on the server.

Question #2

What else do I need to use Seo PowerSuite?

To use Seo PowerSuite, you will need to have to either a WordPress or a Blogger blog. We strongly recommend that you use WordPress blogs (free to download) because you own them and do not have to worry about common issues when using Blogger. Blogger requires SSL support to be enabled on your server (this is not the same as having a secure certificate).

Question #3

What about bug fixes (if any) and upgrades?

You will never be charged for any minor version updates (1.1, 1.2, etc.) and patches for bug fixes. We proudly stand behind our work and our product 100%. If a major version upgrade (2.0, 3.0, etc.) is offered there may be a small fee applied to that upgrade.

Question #4

This seems complicated, can anyone do this?

Seo PowerSuite makes auto-blogging fast and easy. Like any new software you buy, there will be a slight learning curve, but this solution was built so people of all skill levels can take advantage of the auto-blogging revolution. You’ll get access to a free online user’s forum and you’ll have access to free tech support.

Question #5

How Much Is Seo PowerSuite Worth To You?

Imagine how many profitable AdSense blogs you could be built automatically every day – 5, 20 – 100 or more?

What if each AdSense blog was able to make only a dollar a day and you had 100 blogs – that’s $100 A Day$3,000 A Month for doing nothing! Now, what if you had more than 100 blogs?

With AdSense, You have the ultimate passive income stream – no customer support, no product creation struggles – none of the hard work associated with running an online business!

Now add in the ability to create laser targeted product catalog blogs using affiliate data feeds, you have Another passive income stream to further expand your online business.

What if you were able to generate another $10 or $20 a day (or more) from your affiliate links? That could be another $600 A Month!

Here’s something else you need to consider – how much is your time worth? Using older tools and other more basic products take a lot more of your time to manage.

What if you could save 10 hours a week using Seo PowerSuite? Let’s say your time is only worth $10 an hour (way too cheap, I know) and you could save 10 hours a week.

That’s another $400 a month of valuable time you’d have to build your business faster!

You’re Looking at Potential $4,000 Value!

Order Now and Get Premium Bonuses Valued Over $350

Order Seo PowerSuite Right Now And Not Only Will You Get The Most Advanced Automated Blog Posting Solution Ever Created – You’ll Also Get These Premium Bonuses Valued At Over $350!

Plus You Get Our Exclusive 100% Money Back

While other products don’t offer a guarantee (read the fine print with other products) Jeremy and I fully stand behind Seo PowerSuite.

If Seo PowerSuite isn’t the absolute best-automated blogging solution you’ve ever used, we’ll refund all of your money – you have absolutely no risk!

Go ahead and get your copy of Seo PowerSuite and all of the Premium Bonuses, Valued Over $4,000, if for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, we will refund every penny of your purchase – And You Keep the Bonuses! Order Seo PowerSuite Now!

Question #6

What Do You Get When You Order?

You will instantly get Seo PowerSuite with the potential value of over $4,000 when you combine the ability to create AdSense blogs, Affiliate Blogs and Saving Your Time! You’ll be able to start using Seo PowerSuite right away and explode your online business!

And, you get $350 worth of Premium bonuses including the RSS Announcer software, Bloggers Guide to Profits EBooks, A to Z of RSS EBooks, Pre-Written Snippets, plus all of the other fantastic bonuses.



Hence this all about Seo PowerSuite the Best tool for SEO nowadays which will help your blog to rank higher in the search engine and upsurge your earnings. I hope you like this article. Please comment below for any query or your feedbacks about this article as your comments are precious for us. Thank You!


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