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SEO For Dummies: Tips for beginners

seo for dummies

Introduction to SEO For Dummies

Welcome to the guide to SEO for Dummies. Despite your endless efforts and catchy marketing tactics, you still cannot get your business rolling success. This probably is the time when you start blaming your stars. Only if it was Shakespeare’s version, he would have written – “The error, my dear partner, is not in your stars but it hides in the poor optimization of your website!” But before that let’s discuss what actually SEO for Dummies is.

SEO for Dummies: What is SEO?


Before starting this SEO for Dummies guide lets understand why search engine optimization is important, it is necessary to first understand what exactly it is. In its most basic form, search engine optimization so the process of making a website relevant to a search and ensuring that it appears high in the search results. Never before has so much information been available so easily as on the internet and this is why search engines are so important there is no other way to sort through the huge volumes of information to find what you are looking for.

Now think of a search engine as a kind of guide to the mall – something that tells people where to go to find what they need. And search engine optimization is like placing a sign outside the store so that when people get to the right area, they know which stores to go to. But that is not enough to get people to your store or business because there are thousands of other businesses like yours, all competing for the same customers.

When you optimize your website, it is equivalent to placing the biggest sign in front of your store or placing it at the top of the list of stores in competition with you. This is important because human nature is such that people will not take the time to visit every store or go through a long list of possibilities – they will try the store that attracts their attention the most, the ones near the top of the list – other stores are visited only if they do not find what they need in the first places.

SEO for Dummies: Website Optimization 


SEO for Dummies mistake #1

A website that is poorly optimized can no way bring you success. You might be paying high amounts to your SEO expert with no good results. The first step to successful SEO strategy is to ensure that you employ a well-qualified team of professionals to work on your website’s SEO so that none of the crucial SEO element is left or overlooked.

There are many on-site factors that need to be checked for proper and prolific optimization, but there are following three items that are specifically crucial not to be missed out in this SEO for Dummies discussion:

  1. Keyword
  2. Content
  3. Conversion

If you miss on any of the above-mentioned factors, you are actually pushing yourself into dreadful mistakes of SEO failure.

So, in order to have a successful online website that has great visibility and conversion rate, you must make sure that you are out of the hazards of these major SEO mistakes. Let’s discuss them in detail to have a successful SEO strategy and to dramatically improve your SEO performance. In this SEO for Dummies article, we will be explaining things with the following main outlines:

  • How keywords affect SEO success and how to use them properly
  • How to organize your content in line with targeted keywords for optimum organic search engine visibility
  • What are the important specific call to action prompts are and how to create the most compelling ones

SEO for Dummies: Wrong Keywords


SEO for Dummies mistake #2

Keywords drive SEO.

So, keywords uncompromisingly should be the most important factor to focus. From the SEO aspect, if your business is optimizing for wrong or inappropriate keyword, you could land into double trouble…

First, it would be incapable to attract qualified traffic

Second, even if it attracts qualified traffic, it would be too less to handle competitors or to attract the juiciest leads

The only solution to prevent such undesired outcomes is to research your keywords well. A complete and proper keyword research will lead to better results in terms of visibility and be attracting targeted customers. Here are the important factors for SEO Dummies to consider for proper keyword research:

  • Look at The Search Volume:

Most marketers look for most popular search words that are most relevant in the niche. They push themselves in the mistake by assuming a particular keyword to be the most popular. They munificently put in all their efforts and resources to top the search engine result pages for that so-assumed popular keyword that actually is least cared for by the people. This is a big waste of money and SEO resources.

  • Decipher the Intent:

If you do not reckon the user’s intent, you will end up attracting too much of unqualified traffic. For instance, “plumbing services cost” could be a popular keyword but people using such a search term might be looking for plumbing information or to estimate the cost of plumbing. On the other hand, “best plumbing services” might be the keyword that could fetch you good traffic of people who are seriously interested to employ plumbing services.

  • Use Longtail Keywords:

Using long tail keywords is often taken as the best and successful SEO for Dummies strategy. Since long tail keywords are most relevant, highly specific and possess strong buying intent, it is smart to use them to the best of your interest. For example, there could be many long tail keywords similar to “best plumbing services in California” that may proffer relatively less traffic but the more confirmed sale.

  • Do Not Try To Overstretch Things:

There may be thousands of key terms relevant to the business that you want to optimize for but would you have resources and budget to work with all of them? The smart thing to do is to tackle just enough keywords and back them up with successful SEO strategy and robust on-site and off-site SEO campaign. Do not try to be the jack of all the keywords; just be the master of few selected ones.

  • Do Not Just Do It Once And Leave:

Keyword research is a very important process for SEO Dummies that needs to be updated periodically. Searching new terms are not limited to events like new product launches, language changes and an introduction of new services etc. The keyword research executed just two years back from now must now be flawed and you need to change it ASAP.

SEO for Dummies: Mistakes of the Content


SEO for Dummies mistake #3

Keep Writing on, since the content is the food for SEO.

Once you have your most strategic keywords identified, you must align your website content in line with them – this could be a bit trickier to do than said. If your content does not align properly with your content or if it fails to fit in organically, it may result in:

One, being ignored by Google or being treated as low priority content

Two, People may click on your website through Google search pages but may leave your website as soon as they find your content to not be up to the mark

SEO for Dummies tip: Consider the following factors while optimizing your content with targeted keywords:

  • Prioritize Your Content:

The high priority keywords (the keywords that drive maximum sales) must have a dedicated page placed prominently on the website hierarchy. It should also be linked with other frequently visited pages of your website. This would signal Google that these dedicated pages have important information and are your strength. Google will then rank your content accordingly over the search result pages when a search related to your targeted keyword is initiated by a user.This is one of the most Important SEO for Dummies Strategy

  • Be Authoritative:

As you create your website or promotional content, be authoritative. Google, as well as all the other major search engines, are now smart enough to recognize and reward excellent quality content. If your content is valuable, useful and better than the rest of the online content on the same topic, it would certainly be rewarded with good positions and high visibility. Make your content to be original, credible and engaging. If you just take the copy and recreate kind of an approach or turn your content over inexperienced writers, it would lack such qualities.

  • Follow Best Practices of SEO:

Using a keyword for the specific number of times in a piece of content or stressing too much about the keyword density are now the things of past. However, it is still important to include the keyword in titles and subtitles of the content page but it is should fit in naturally. Title tag remains to be a crucial SEO factor; so, it must contain the most important keyword for the page.

SEO for Dummies: Mistakes of the Conversion


SEO for Dummies mistake #4

O! I see customers!!

While you work hard planning and implementing successful SEO strategy, you need to keep in mind that the basic aim of SEO is not to just generate great traffic but also to generate positive leads, sales, and revenues. Your SEO campaign may have the power to turn the whole world’s traffic to your website but if none of them is becoming your customer, it all is a waste.

For great conversions, your website must have clear and strong call-to-action prompts. Try and make your call to action prompts easy and quite tempting for your visitors to get involved in the next step in building a business relationship. If you trip at the conversion mistake, spending big on SEO becomes just senseless. Here are some SEO for Dummies tips in order to help you craft an impactful call to action prompts:

  • Keep It Suitably Wide-Ranging:

Another great tip in this SEO for Dummies guide any e-commerce websites that are into direct selling of their product, a good call to action is to reward the visitors with some offer or discount. And while you do that, do keep it in your mind that your focus should not be on to sell what you want to sell; it should rather be on what your visitors would love to buy.

So, instead of offering a 20% discount on next order of an extremely specialized product or category, it is better to offer a 10% discount on the next order. Interest your visitors with a suitably broad call to action prompts.

  • Use Call-To-Action Prompts At Different Stages Through The Buying Cycle:

The visitors who are ready to buy might need some assistance to make their final decision. Offer online chat options so that they can talk to your sales representatives to get more information about the product or clear their doubts. For more descriptive and complex products, you can also have downloadable PDF files to assist sales. With such call to action prompts at different stages of the buying cycle, you can also push additional sales of different products that the buyers are interested in while also increasing the number of visitors engaging into sales.

  • Track Your Sales:

Ensure that your website is set to accurately track the sources of conversion. This would enable you to know exactly which search engine or factor is producing the most number of leads. And this would consequently help you to improve your strategies for SEO for Dummies. A lot of business companies do not pay much attention to track down the telephonic leads which could be more promising than the leads you get through your website forms. This is a common conversion issue that you need to avoid.



Finally, stop hunting errors in your stars and recheck your SEO strategies. We hope that this article will help you spot on the SEO for Dummies mistakes drawing you away from your success and develop a successful SEO for Dummies strategy. Beware of them and keep building a victorious business with zero-error SEO execution.

Hence this is all about the pitfalls you need to care about. I hope you find this article useful. Please comment below for any queries as your comments are precious for us. Thank You!

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