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Online Marketing Tips for Business Owners

online marketing tips for small business owners


online marketing introduction

94% even said that “bad things can happen as a result of acting in inaccurate information online”. So with that, how do your plans for online marketing play out now? For example, let us say your target market is the USA. As such, a large figure such as this, a percentage of 98, dictates just many people don’t rely on what they find on the internet. And if you think about it, that doesn’t seem to bode well for your online marketing campaign.

We can’t just suddenly and miraculously change the opinion that people have about information on the internet. However, we can at least draw them towards us by being less product-centered and more helpful. What we mean here is that we need to publish relevant and high-quality content that your prospects and clients would LIKE to read, and even content that you think they are LOOKING FOR. So, here are a few online marketing tips for business owners:

  • Blog harder: 

do blogging

You can’t ignore blogging anymore. Nowadays, blogging has become a valuable company resource. It’s now an element of social media and can affect the success of your online marketing campaign. As such, you need to put an emphasis on how your blog, and you need to blog harder.

  • Stop promoting:


Okay, maybe you shouldn’t exactly stop promoting your brand, rather you should just tone down your efforts in doing it online. 53% of American’s distrust information on the internet because information is self-promotional. So, go with less promotion and start offering information higher in quality, such as how-to guides and other marketing tips to help the business flow.

  • Be more social:

be more social on social media

People trust in companies that act like real people. Well, if you think about it, working with a company that responds to you like a human being feels better than working with some kind of robotic, corporate machine. So, to boost your online marketing efforts, start being social. Even better, be more social! Ramp up your social media marketing efforts and start sharing your blog posts and start being active on social networks.

Nobody ever said that the figure of 98% could be manipulated and lowered. All we need to do is start being more of a company that functions according to its values and company culture rather than being a typical corporate machine and one that thrives on self-promotion. So, do you want to do online marketing right? Then keep these tips in mind and see the results for yourself.

Things to keep in mind before putting a Step:

things to keep in mind while putting step forward

How important is your brand to you? Are you willing to take a risk and be as silly as you can to attract customers from your target market? Or are you going to stick to traditional methods and advertising schemes? Well, that’s not what Old Spice and Dos-Equips did; the two separate brands came up with their own zany video ads and attracted millions! So, when it comes to using social media, and since you are on the internet, you are visible to almost everyone on the face of the planet! Should you follow suit and try out these unconventional ways of advertising?

If you do choose to do it, there are some benefits… but then again, there are also repercussions. So here are what those possibilities are:

  • You can potentially garner success:


There is no act that does not provoke a reaction, especially when it comes to online marketing. The consequences of your actions, however, could be a huge amount of success! What did Old Spice and Dos-Equips do that made their commercials so successful? Well, if you take a look at them, Old Spice made theirs comedic and Dos-Equips… well, they have dubbed the Most Interesting Man in the World as someone akin to Chuck Norris! In other words, people flocked to see their commercials and they built a reputation for having THAT much confidence in their brand. They were successful and in taking their risk they got more than they probably paid for.

  • Don’t Do This:

don't do this

Sometimes the littlest of mistakes can utterly crush our brands, leaving us crippled and unable to recover. The risk in doing the same things that Old Spice and Dos-Equips did for their commercials and in promoting their brand is that they put something big on the line, and that’s how the public sees their brand. If you mess it up, you could give your target audience the wrong impression. And well, you can already surmise that that’s something you don’t want to happen to you. Your brand matters and how your potential customers and clients perceive it is all part of running a business.

So, should you take the risk and go with the Dos-Equips and Old Equips examples of promoting your brand? Nothing negative may come of it, but you can never be sure. However, in the world of social media and marketing, it never hurts to try something out something amazing!

Is Outsourcing would be a Good Thing?


The choice to work with independent contractors weighs heavy on the minds of decision makers. They ask themselves “why should we work with a third party?” when they start to contemplate on whether they should outsource or not. That being said, you won’t be so quick as to pull a lever on the wall and make the guillotine fall on your current social media and online marketing efforts. But when you start thinking about outsourcing, then what should you be asking yourself in regards to such thoughts?

There could probably be a hundred reasons as to why outsourcing is a good idea for your business. However, one of the best ways to find out is to question yourself and find the answers as to why outsourcing would be such a good thing. Here are some questions for you to go over:

  • Can you do it better than anyone else?

People often think that when they perform certain tasks that they are doing it well. However, in this case, social media and online marketing may not just be in your bag. That being said, ask yourself if your in-house staff can do it better than experts who’ve already been doing it as their main job. If your staff doesn’t look up to the task, then outsourcing will give you that competitive edge of being able to do online marketing and social media better than your competitors.

  • Is it with your OWN valuable time and investment?

The time that you yourself spend on certain ventures should be worth it and bring about a positive effect. So, is keeping in-house staff for online marketing purposes worth your time and investment? If not, then you can re-allocate your resources to other more important matters by choosing to outsource.

  • Do you want to get the best results possible?

If this is your goal in engaging in social media and online marketing, then working with third parties is certainly something to consider. Independent contractors who offer their professional services and expertise in their field often work better and get better results than the in-house staff that needs to take time to learn the ropes on what they are tasked to do. If you want the best results possible, then outsourcing should definitely be on your list of considerations.

The services of a professional online marketing company are indispensable to any business that wants to get the best results from their online and social media marketing campaigns. So, do you think outsourcing will be beneficial to your cause?

Mobile Marketing:


The Mobile Marketing Association has updated their definition of what mobile marketing is, and it reads thusly: mobile marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network. That being said, we can’t simply just equate mobile marketing to marketing for mobile devices. So to speak, the world itself is a giant venue for mobile marketing means! Moving forward then, here are some important tips for you in regards to this topic:

  • Get mobile versions of your site up and running:


The first thing to take on in regards to mobile marketing would be the largest market available to you: the internet. That being said, you can guess just how many people are on it; statistics show that number to be about 2/3 of the world’s population. If your main source of sales and leads is your website, then make sure that you have mobile versions of your sites up and running to ensure that your page is viewable through mobile means.

  • SMS marketing:


SMS marketing has become a widespread thing in some countries. Through short text, you can send out short advertisements to your prospects through the means of reaching them via their mobile devices. However, when doing this, look for a method to have your prospects to opt-in to your SMS marketing campaign. Alternatively, you can purchase business lists from list companies that carry these types of data. The trick here is to treat it as you would a telemarketing campaign and send messages only to prospects that are okay with receiving them.

  • Billboards, anyone?


As mobile marketing can be defined as a form of marketing that is “wireless”, we can pretty much put using billboards under mobile marketing. Although, we can alternatively make it so that we make use of print ads placed on moving vehicles instead. Still, they are basically the same thing. For this one, it’s all about proper placement. Place your ads in places where they have the most visibility possible, and of course in locations where people from your target market will see it.

Mobile Marketing Strategies:


Truth be told, there’s a lot more to mobile marketing than meets the eye. So, do you think you’re ready to engage in doing some mobile marketing?

Microsoft unveiled their newest venture into the tablet hardware business with their latest creation which they call Microsoft Surface. It seems that the market for tablets just added another competitor to their ranks. The question for Microsoft, however, is will it sell? Are people ready to accept Microsoft’s latest creation just as they did Apple’s beloved iPad? Well, that’s not what we’re going to be talking about in this blog post, although, this news does weigh heavily on the topic at hand.

This news from Microsoft should probably serve as a call to marketers to start getting their “mobile marketing thinking caps” on. With the demand for smartphones and tablet Pcs/iPads ever growing, it’s pretty clear to see in which direction marketers need to start leaning towards. And mobile marketing is one of them.

  • It’s time for mobilization:


Does your website have a mobile version of it? If not, then you should seriously start considering the development of one. Maybe back then when smartphones and tablets were relatively new you could live with not having one. But now, as the market grows and with the possibility that tablets could replace desktop computers one day, you should take heed of what is happening and start mobilizing your websites so that they are easily viewable through mobile platforms.

  • Up your online marketing strategies:

up your online marketing strategies

It’s time to pump up your online marketing activities! Dealing with the mobile marketing market means that you’re going to have to strategically place your ads in places where your prospects can easily see them as they browse the web, and also gain as much visibility as you can. Also, don’t forget to maximize your SEO activities so that you have higher chances of being ranked higher in SERPs. It’s high time to take the online marketing world by storm.

  • Consult with experts:

consult with experts

There’s no time to be stingy anymore as you could lose your chance of hopping onto the mobile marketing train. If you have no experience or knowledge when it comes to mobile and online marketing, then consult with experts. Don’t be afraid to work with third parties as some of them can provide you with the best service and advice possible. Exploit their knowledge on the inner workings of both mobile and online marketing to come out on top with a good strategy.

Social media marketing:

social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the biggest things today! Marketers that once didn’t believe in the power of the internet for online marketing are now using email marketing and manipulating the online realm to the advantage of their campaigns. That being said, one part of online marketing is social media marketing. If you’re getting into this as well, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if you really are ready to take on social media.

  • Should you consider yourself a social media marketer?:

The answer to that question would be no early on. If you think that becoming a social media marketer is all just about having a Facebook account, then you are mistaken. Social media marketing is more than just having an account on a social network; it is something which requires the investment of both time and money. You need to learn it, you need to live it. This is a whole new ball game you’re playing here, so you’re going to need to bust out all the stops and learn some new strategies.

  • Should you hire an expert to do it?:

Actually, both yes and no. Rather than hiring an expert to work on it, you should work alongside them. Social media isn’t something you should just stand on the sidelines for, no, it is something that requires your own participation. Not just as a business, but rather you as a person needs to join in on the activity that social media sparks. Don’t hesitate about hiring an expert, and don’t think twice about working alongside them to help you gain a better understanding of how social media works and can work for you.

  • Should you focus entirely on social media?:

The saying goes “too much of anything is bad” and applies in this sense. You must not forget to look at your other online marketing ventures, your offline schemes as well. Social media is something which can aid you in your online marketing efforts but should be something which you put all of your focus on. Sure enough, it helps, but it can only ever go so far in bringing business to you.

Ask yourself these questions and see if you really are ready for incorporating social media marketing into your online marketing efforts.

Today, we’ll be talking about Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. The three things that were just mentioned are the names of popular social networking sites. And for any business that is planning its move into the realm of social media marketing, one must surely learn as to what type of activity exists on these sites. Now, without any further delay, let’s get right into that!

  • Facebook :

Facebook is not just one of the many social network sites out in the world today, it is THE social network! With millions of users online on a daily basis, Facebook grows larger and larger, gaining more users as the days roll on. Why even businesses are getting on Facebook in the hopes of attracting and hitting-up their target audiences. Facebook, however, does not seem so good for business. After a recent survey, people claim that ads on Facebook have hardly had any effect on them. So to speak, advertising on Facebook may have slim chances to it. Facebook is more on the concept of fun than it is on the concept of business.

  • Google+:

G+ is for passion! People who share similar passions connect with one another on Google+, the social network made by the search engine giant, Google. If you’re looking for a place where you can share your passions, then Google+ is definitely the place to be. With features that allow you to add people easily, you don’t have to go with having to send friend requests. You simply put them in your “circles”. Simply put, G+ breaks the down the barriers of having to know each other personally and just connects people to others who share similar views and passions. For business purposes, Google+ looks to serve as a great place to gain some visibility in.

  • Twitter:

Twitter offers a timeline feature which updates every few seconds. However, with the low character limit that is imposed, you’ll sometimes need to shorten links, and even what you wanted to say. In essence, Twitter is a great place to do quick shares that don’t involve too many words. Surely, this isn’t a place for blatant advertising. If you want to share your most recent blog posts, then consider using this social network.

Hopefully, this blog post gives you an idea of what kind of activity can be found on these three social networking sites. Explore them for yourself and see just how your business could possibly exist on them.

If you’re thinking that online marketing sounds and looks as easy as you think it is, then you’re going to need to pull back on the reins and pull your carriage onto the side of the road. So, if you’re planning to go through with marketing on the internet, then this blog post should find you well. So, let’s hope to it then!

  • Choose your weapon!:

We’re not actually talking about really picking up a harmful object here. Rather, we’re talking about choosing which form of online marketing you’re going to make use of. You have an SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. You can make use of one of these, two of these, even up to all of them in your efforts to market yourself online. However, based on what your business is trying to market, and depending on your target market, you may need to choose a single approach that works for you and not all of them at one time. So, just like a sniper armed with a sniper rifle, you need to pick which form of online marketing you’re going to stick with.

  • What’s the next step?:

The next step is to learn how what you choose can affect your online marketing campaign. What effect will SEO have on your efforts? How will email marketing help in generating B2B leads? Can you really draw in and generate B2B leads through social media? All of these questions may be swirling around in your head so you will really need to scale the effectiveness of each of your choices, as well as to see if they bring about a positive or large effect upon your company’s efforts. Are you placing highly on search engines because of SEO? Are you generating more B2B leads than you ever have through using email marketing? Are you directing traffic back to your site, gaining followers, as well as connecting with potential customers through social media? Ask yourself these types of questions and see for yourself whether or not your choice was the right one to make in your online marketing efforts.



If you’re having trouble with deciding on what form of online marketing to use, as well as the next step to help you move forward, then don’t be afraid to consult with companies and professionals that specialize in doing internet and online marketing. Once you have everything figured out and up and running though, you’ll find that online marketing can help you double the results you get!

I hope you like this article. Please comment below for any query or somethings as your comments are crucial for us. Thank You!


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