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How To Recover Your Website From Any Google Penalty

How to Recover a Website from any Google Penalty

Is There Really a Recovery From Google Penalty?

google penalty recovery

Should you go outside on Google and search for’ retrieval out of Google’ or’ recuperate from Google Penguin,’ or even Panda or algorithm upgrades, you are likely to discover a lot of folks out there touting they’ll get you back on course for X number of dollars. You are told you also have hyperlinks also need to get hold of site owners. You are told you need to do so – do this – do something else, make new links such as this, hear “professionals” tell you that’s your “new way” to create hyperlinks post-Panda along with post-Penguin.

Why would you wish to pay someone for something you can do – and must do – yourself?


My website went from about 150-175 unique visitors a day to TWO – overnight. Like many, many site owners around the world, I was crushed! On page 15 + on Google, my website have buried back in less than 24 hours. And for 997, you can receive our providers for a while! What? Google’s algorithm upgrades not only slammed my e-commerce website in September 2012, but it was also buried – cremated may sound better. How, you might ask? For this very day, I’m not really too sure if it had been that the Penguin or Panda upgrade, but I was taken by one of the bad-assed critters down – HARD.

I didn’t know exactly what to do. I’d really had a business and the website up for sale for a couple of weeks prior to the take-down but once Google I could not have given the site away. So I made it sit for approximately another month or so while Google about 85% of the site’s pages. Slow but certain death and cremation of a website I had worked and hours and hours to construct and rebuild. Gone. And if this was not enough, Google began de-indexing my pages one by one until I had been left with nothing but strong backlinks I had gotten over the last few years of being in business’ number. Now, I must say, this wasn’t among the “niche websites” just for making AdSense or Amazon money. This is a storefront for a commodity that I look and sell myself.

So what can you really do get back into the good graces of Google?


A reconsideration request wasn’t filed by me. I didn’t comply with the “advice” from the “professional” and buy a new domain name or contact the site owners from wherever my allegedly “spammy links” were coming out. In actuality, when I did a backlink analysis, there wasn’t there to be worried about. So left on-page problems like overusing certain key phrases and/or lacking content that was substantial. And I had taken it out of nothing to be on front page of Google. I only gained an advantage on a few of my top opponents once – BAM – Google decided my site was not great.

I’d worked on this website for the greater part of four decades and had enrolled a brand-new NON-exact game domain name for about six weeks. I was reluctant to say the very least. I could say that hearing a few mega big corporations being slammed well did make me feel somewhat better. I knew I wasn’t alone.

A few “gurus” said my website was useless now so that I may also ‘place my big boy pants on’ and accept it. Quit. Do something different. You are done. You did something wrong and you cannot undo it. I am happy I didn’t hear some of these!! I understood I had a valuable website with something to say, an excellent product to articles and offer that needed some updating to be valuable. So I chose to start on my path to recovery, exhume the ash of my site and get to work.

Step One – Remove the Website in Google Analytics

That is proper. They de-indexed that the website so why to bother analyzing it. They took it from me and I took it from them.

Step Two – Take It Down

remove 404 error pages

Yup. I removed every file from the server and replaced it all with just two records – the indicator along with the custom 404. Regardless of where people acquired, they got the message and this is vital in keeping visitors even.

I didn’t use any “under construction” graphics or anything like that. I have done a video – me on camera – explaining that I’d removed the site down while performing a complete renovation, so please stop back around December 5 and bookmark the site. Why did I give them? Because I did not need to have to do another video, for a single, also it gave me a deadline to focus on that I would not get sidetracked doing something else. The same video announcement went on the custom 404 page the temporary home page and about both. Yup. I eliminated every file in the host and replaced it with only two documents – also the custom 404 along with the indicator. They got exactly the exact same message, regardless of where individuals landed and this is crucial in retaining traffic even through downtime.

Step Three – Get Educated

learn html & wordpress

So I knew I needed to rebuild the site using WordPress. And that meant learning about WordPress than just setting up a content blog. This is serious business here. My HTML site had the lightbox impact for the product images along with a custom order form. I had to replicate that at the new website. My website was built within a website, which now that I know about WordPress, I understand using an HTML website leaves a HUGE margin for error when you are not careful. And I believe this was one of the downsides for my website. The URL arrangement wasn’t correct for the site and the way I had been copying/pasting web pages to utilize for different web pages supported the dreaded “duplicate content” over the site. The content came in the shape of Meta tag keywords and Meta descriptions. Google doesn’t like that-. And they’ll let you know by starting to de-index those alleged ‘spammy’ pages. This is something I learned while wandering in a daze one day wondering what to do with my site around YouTube. On occasion, a redesign with some updated articles may do the trick. But you have to understand what is wrong and how to repair it. And that takes some research.

Step Four – Proceed to YouTube


And observe a good deal of videos on WordPress. On YouTube, I found out how to put in the lightbox plugin, includes the plug-in for WordPress, and also how to design the URLs to get a solid website that Google would adore.

Step Five – Move In and Begin to Work!

begin to work

Step Five – Dig In and Begin to Work! Once the framework was done, i.e., color scheme, layout, CSS increases, etc., it was time to begin copy/pasting over 200 pages of Split into Pages and Posts. I love using shortcodes and Include files so that I went back into YouTube and discovered that the video that I had to learn how to do that in WordPress. A piece of cake. I taught a lot about Photoshop through YouTube so that let me design and new header image. Since using another website to be rebuilt by it, I started to get knowledgeable about this Atahualpa motif, so I figured I’d start with that theme and go from there. Again, since I am a YouTube junkie go there first when I need assistance with stuff. I invested a lot of time together with just two browser windows open – on the other with all the WordPress dashboard after, using a YouTube video along.

Step Six – Time for the New Sitemap!


After roughly 60 hours yes, an entire week of “overtime,” the site was prepared for its fresh sitemap and re-add into Google Analytics.

Step Seven-Time, Patience, Education and WORK

time, patience hard work

First, when it has to be done right – Do It Yourself! There are some things that cannot and shouldn’t be outsourced to anyone else. When it comes to your organization website, this is something that needs to be taken on by you. Paid away! I included the website back into Google Analytics and a brand 267-page sitemap December 1. December 2 I checked and they’d indexed 179 web pages! And that was after they had de-indexed all 23 of 260 web pages a couple of months before!

As I went along throughout the rebuilding I recognized several areas where what I had created the very first time was seen from the Google ‘bots as spamming and duplicate content. If I’d outsourced the job to somebody else into “copy/paste” their way through rebuilding, they might not have recognized it. What can I learn from this? Why? You know what you want and it’s advantageous to receive the education if you have to edit something, because they’ll be much a lot easier to fix in the future and understand new things

The ‘Gurus’ Are Not Always Perfect!

work regularly

I might have just ditched but I was like, I’m gone to conquer on you, Google! I am not going down without trying! LOL, I had been told by so many individuals throughout the past couple of months that my site had been dead in the water. Forget it. Start over with something new. Let because it is useless now the domain die.

And a lot of folks probably would have. A whole lot of folks have, especially if they were small niche sites set up only for the purpose of earning Amazon Associate money or Google AdSense.

I also believe there are a lot of people who may be scared to start over because they might not have spent the ‘blood, sweat & tears’ into their companies. They may feel that they do not have anything to lose so why bother? And then there are the “stereotypical” online entrepreneurs that are pretty much too lazy to put in the effort it takes to exhume their sites by the Google cemetery and they’re perfectly happy to begin over. Anything works for them!

But I had a sense that if you can show Google you are 100% serious about your company by doing what is needed to survive on the market, they will work with you. And I never filed any of those dumb” Reconsideration” things either. Not required. I would have felt like I begged for mercy or some other thing.

I didn’t touch some of the incoming links to the site either. I abandoned those where they are coming from since they are. I really don’t believe that to start with, I got hit. I think it was search-engine “over-optimization” – in Google’s algorithms anyway – that nailed my site. And I presume to fix and to reconfigure all of my ‘old’ content into brand new things.

Going Ahead from Retrieval

content is king

Content – Content – Content. There are two people I have to give a shout-out to both because of their own encouragement, the way that they keep their websites at the best along with their 100% concentrate on creating quality content

Lisa Irby of 2createawebsite. Com. Lisa refused to let me give up on my site. So I’ve been maintaining posted on my progress. David Boozer of Online Mentor Today. I started following David after finding him and signed up for his email list and mentoring. So with all the insight and instruction of both of these marketers that are awesome, I dug my website from the Google Cemetery and set everything aside. Will it rank high back on Google? I’m expecting it will, I have it all in place the way it ought to be.

Both Lisa and David will let you know what functions – Content. Regularly building excellent content is the means to go today and going forward. They will tell you the ‘professionals’ using their latest approaches that promise you thousands of dollars – these things don’t get the job done. I understand they don’t. I tried them I got “punished” for utilizing them harshly.

So Can You Make a Recovery from Google Slaps?


But should you redesign it – in WordPress – stay away from your menus, do your due diligence and add quality content, then you should be able to pull yourself back up. Yes, but you have to WANT it bad enough and then put in the work. If you simply have a five or more ten-page niche site set up for affiliate links and ads not

I hope you like this article. For any query, you can comment below as your comments are crucial for us. Thank You!

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