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How to get Free Instagram Followers in 2019

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Heading straight to the topic, how to get free Instagram followers. I am going to explain you what are the best tools available in 2019 that you can use to get free Instagram followers.

Top 6 free Instagram followers websites


Skweezer is one of the most common free Instagram followers tool right now in the market. as far as free Instagram followers are concerned you can get 50 followers while using their trial that they offer, the main deal about Skweezer is the paid followers that they offer so if you are not willing to pay to get free Instagram followers for your account then 50 is the limit here.


Socialenablers is a completely free tool that you can use to gain free Instagram followers unlike Skweezer they don’t push you to get their paid followers plan. it delivers from 50 to 50k followers completely free of cost as I said before, with 2 delivery options first is if you want instant followers and 2nd if you want them evenly over a course of time from 1 day to 60 days. Delivery option is pretty good actually, this makes your following look natural than fake

The only issue with Socialenablers is their stupid surveys that you have to go through in order get free Instagram followers, since it is a free tool you can count this as cost for using it.


Don’t let its name fool you! this tool only provides 6 free Instagram followers and 20 free Instagram likes for free that too is delivered over the course of 24 hours. Good news is you can repeat the free process every 24 hours and the bad news is they too have a stupid and frustrating survey that you need to pass in order to get the free stuff. This website mainly pushes its paid followers plans to the customer and claims 100% money back guarantee which I don’t think you should take it seriously according to me this money back guarantee is just a marketing gimmick.


This United Kingdom based website also provides free Instagram followers, as I told you its UK based so the followers you will earn from here will be more or less from there only. If we talk about free followers they provide about 100 per account under 24 hours. Main focus of this website is paid customers so if you wish to go for paid followers you can go with them, also providing 30 days money back guarantee & to be honest I personally is not a fan of paid followers be it this or any other website and neither I suggest anyone to buy them either.


Though it is last on my list but I have not ranked them according to how good or effective they are its just a random list of working website that provides free Instagram followers.

For free loaders Mrinsta only delivers 10 followers every 24 hours which is kinda lame if you compare it with other websites. Main focus of this website is the paid content like many other websites and by the way for free followers you need to pass that annoying survey in this one too.

How do these websites work

Many websites in this business uses bots which is a risky business but the one I mentioned above has more human followers. These websites has a circuit of Instagram accounts which they use to provide their services, these followers accounts are mainly from Asia like India and Pakistan. Some of them are from European countries so while getting followers you cant really choose which profile or person will follow you.

Is it safe to gain free Instagram followers?

Now here is the million dollar question! these days everyone is crazy for free Instagram followers and they don’t really care from do they come, some peeps even pay to get followers but don’t take Instagram as stupid. With the increasing spam on Instagram, they already have a good strict policy against those websites who try to abuse its algorithm and fake followers&likes are a part of it.

But if you really want to use these free Instagram followers I will strongly suggest you to not to use this on your personal account and let’s say if you still want to use it then don’t use websites which provides instant followers. go with the other option that delivers followers over a period of time like 7 days least. Instant followers can be counted as spam and you cant get a temporary ban from Instagram and if you keep on abusing this then you will lose your account.


So according to me no number of free Instagram followers are worth losing your personal account. And if your account gets penalized no website can do shit to retrieve it, don’t fall for 100% safe BS that you see on websites.

I rest my case here on how to get free Instagram followers!


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