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Effective Ways to Online Reputation Management

online reputation management


effective ways to online reputation management

Online reputation management is now another critical piece of the SEO puzzle for a company’s success.  Some companies have now found it necessary to contract SEO companies to increase the search engine rankings on their good reviews.  An online reputation management company has tools and training on how to increase search engine rankings effectively.

Importance of Content:

content importance

Having positive content with high rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN is an absolute necessity. The substantial rankings nearly guarantee that guests will probably be able to locate that enterprise for the goal of gathering info prior to a purchase, purchasing a product or service, or studying a topic. It is also on the search engine stage that rivals might try to acquire an edge by engaging in negative info campaigns to damage a company’s reputation, sow seeds of distrust in the eyes of guests, or denigrate a company’s products and services.  Managing your reputation online is more important than ever.

The anonymity supplied by the net enables these kinds of campaigns to get numerous forms and arrive from many various sources. Smear campaigns, false accusations, stories of item malfunctions, and outright lies may be spread around the internet by competing organizations, sad ex-employees, or anybody else attempting to advantage either financially, personally, or the two from sullying the status of the targeted company. These unfavorable campaigns also take time, effort, and money to be seen on engines like Google and, as such, are normally directed by other corporations.

Corporation driven attacks are frequently performed using complaint boards, blogs, forums, and many other venues where postings, no matter how untruthful they may be, are published and then search engine optimized to appear with as high a ranking as you can.

The unfavorable content material is utilized to cause doubt, produce confusion or “un-sell” products or service while steering the buyer to a site carrying their own messaging and products. To produce issues worse, these attacks don’t just go absent.

Undertaking absolutely nothing below these conditions is simply not an option. The minute an assault begins the potential for losing each fund and possibilities turns into a reality. Guarding your company’s popularity and its brands and preventing a campaign from gaining momentum is of utmost value. Online Reputation Management can begin the execution of your counter attack instantly.

We commence by analyzing the origin from the attack, figuring out where the negative subject material is getting posted, and developing a list of prospective sponsors behind the campaign. This gives the basis for that execution of our restore technique. The group which will carry out the strategy is assembled according to specialties required for optimal final results.

We then go into action with precision, creativity, and force to begin the removal of damaging content where feasible or to bury it with our own unique subject material and current positive postings and posts discovered on the internet. Online Reputation Management stays on the level until the negative subject material is dealt with for the fullest extent possible. We then sustain surveillance for extra unfavorable content ought to its originators make an effort to re-mount an additional attack.

Online Reputation Management to Regain Your Rightful Status Online:

maintain reputation

Your company’s reputation is an integral aspect in determining the degree of its good results. When that reputation is attacked, defending it and also the brand names that depend on it’s an essential undertaking. Your organization wants a strategy that can be executed to its fullest. When achievement will be the only alternative you will need Online Reputation Management.

Recently I wrote about online reputation management tools and now I’m going to write up a quick post on how to use a couple of them to make a quick impact very easily.

One of my SEO clients recently came under attack from someone that thought it would be a good idea to try to destroy their reputation by posting false things all over dozens of complaints sites.  These allegations were not only flat out lies, but very damaging because they said the website was full of viruses and would infect your computer.  This is going to land this person in court with some very hefty fines and that process has already begun, but what about all those damaging posts showing up on page 1, 2, and 3 of Google?

Luckily for my client, I am not only really good at SEO, I know how to use several strategies for online reputation management.  There were damaging posts on the first 3 pages of Google and within 48 hours I pushed them down to page 4 and beyond.  The page that really counts is page 1, but I wanted to really push the garbage down farther than that.

The Quick Fix Step By Step for Online Reputation Management:

quick fix ORM

Here is what I did step by step to dominate the first 3 pages in Google to wipe out the false posts.

Step 1 – Content Creation

I wrote a 600-word original article that was keyword dense.  To make this extremely effective you must put the keyword or name in the title of the post.  Then write a naturally flowing article making sure to mention the keyword at least once every 100 words.

Step 2 – Massive Content Spinning

The next thing you’ve got to make this work right is spin the article at least 100%.  It is very important to majorly spin the title and the first paragraph so that when Google is doing the indexing and initially crawls these articles they see them as unique.  The recent Google “farmer” update did not seem to affect spun content whatsoever.

The reason I suggest writing a 600-word article is to leave room for creating a spun article that has missing sentences and a missing paragraph and it will still come out to at least 400 words (400 words is typically what you need to get accepted in most article directories).

Here is how to spin so that you can remove a sentence 50% of the time


Notice the pipe symbol is separating a blank space from a sentence.  So when the article is spun it is either going to skip that sentence and go to the next, or post that sentence.  You can also do that to remove an entire paragraph.

(|sentence 1.  Sentence 2.  Sentence 3.)

Now the pipe symbol is in front of an entire paragraph so 50% of the time it will not post that paragraph.

This type of spinning is important because in order to create uniqueness you must create posts with a unique amount of paragraphs and words, not just spun words with synonyms.  This is essential if you not only want these indexed but want them indexed in the first pages of Google.

I use The Best Spinner by Jonathan Leger for all of my online reputation management article spins.  This tool is essential for content creation to create unique articles.

Step 3 – Mass Article Directory Submission

O.K., now this is where the fun begins.  It’s time to do a little Google bombing run with Article Marketing Robot.  The mass article directory submission is going to do two things for us.  It is going to create backlinks to some of the positive listings for the client, and number two it is going to create content that shows up in the search engine listings that will push the negative listings down to the depths of where no one will ever see it.

I have found that Article Marketing Robot is the most powerful online reputation management software for this job.  Add your spun article and then use the built-in “Url” to create some spun URL for backlinks.  Instead of building a backlink to just 1 positive listing grab the clients other positive listings like a Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  These all move up very easily in the search engines because of their authority.  If your client needs more positive listings to get them to set up social sites like these and start building links to them.

I include 2 links in the resource box.  The first link is to the client URL and the second link is to one of my own blogs in my blog network so that I can take advantage of the pingbacks for indexing the articles.

Why do I do this?  Simply because there are hundreds of article directories that are built on WordPress blogs and the search engines don’t always find the articles but my blogs are set up to get a pingback whenever an article is accepted.  I use a plugin on all of those blogs called Pingback Optimizer that takes all the pingbacks, puts them into an RSS feed, and then submits them to a dozen RSS directories.

This builds backlinks to the backlinks and helps to get them all indexed in record time.  This is important if you want a lot of these new articles to show up in 48 hours.  Using this technique I usually have articles showing up in the search engines within 30 minutes of posting the articles.  This will speed up your online reputation management quite a bit.

Step 4 – Private Blog Network Submission

If you don’t have a private blog network then just skip this step or submit the article to some of the paid blog networks that you can join.  I keep a personal blog network on separate C class servers that I can post articles to.

An advantage of the Private Blog Network for Online Reputation Management:

There is a huge advantage to posting on your own network.  You have control of the onsite SEO for your articles which gives them a huge boost in the search engines, especially on low competition keywords where you can get your own blog posts to page 1 and 2 with just good onsite SEO factors and hardly any backlinks at all.

This next step is something I usually wait 24-48 hours to do after posting to my blog network.  You’ll start to see which of your private blog posts are ranking the highest and you can take those and optimize them to the next level.

If you posted the regular spun article to your blog network you can now go in and additional factors like H1, H2, H3, Alt Tags, internal linking, and all that good stuff.  If you need help with onsite SEO then pick up the WordPress Plugin SEO Pressor and it will guide you through it like paint by numbers with a score on the sidebar of your admin panel.

Step 5 – Social Bookmarking and Pinging

Now it’s time to get more power to all of those new articles and blog posts.  Get a live links report from Article Marketing Robot and you can import them into your social bookmarking software.

Usually, within 24 hours, you may have up to 200 live articles and Article Marketing Robot can export this making it easy to add to your indexing and bookmarking software.  You can also run all the live links through pinging software but if you are going to give them all dozens of social bookmarks you usually don’t need to.

I prefer Bookmarking Demon for this job because it has a lot of high quality bookmarking sites and I’ve added about 1000 more bookmarking sites to make it really kick some serious rankings.

This step can be pretty intensive as you’ll be running your Bookmarking software for the next day or two depending on how much power you want to give the articles.  I’ll usually import about 200 articles and give them all 100-200 social bookmarks each.  The result is nearly instantaneous as you’ll see articles coming out of the woodwork all bouncing up and down as the search engine index is flooded with these new articles and backlinks to the articles are pushing them up.

Step 6 – Wait, Watch, and Choose

Now about 2 days have gone by (actually you don’t have to do it this quick, you can wait a week but if you are in a serious crunch you can do it quickly like I did).

Now it’s time to go through the first few pages of Google and start picking and choosing which articles and blog posts you want to push to the next level.  If there are still a couple negative listings on page 1 you can look on page 2 to pick the articles there and give them another bookmarking push to get them on page 1.

So the first thing I’ll do is give the page 2 listings another push.  I’ll also create another article and submit it to AMR giving those page 2 listings more backlinks with the keyword.  If you want to take things a step further you can also build some Web 2.0 properties to those page 2 links and then bookmark the Web 2.0 sites.

This is a very simple online reputation management process to follow but it is time consuming so be prepared to dig in for several hours to get the job done.



So this is all about Online Reputation Management (ORM). I hope you like this article and find it useful. Please comment below for any query please comment below as your comments are crucial for us. Thank You!


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